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Back to it

Today was my first full day back in the studio after the holidays, and while I was ffffrrrrreeeeezzzzziiiinnnnngggg it felt good to paint again. Still working on the commission, but I’m hoping to have it done by the end of this week. (Yeah, right.)

Today I worked on the older boy’s lips, stage right cheek and ear, a bit of hair, his neck, and tweaked his nose – yes, much like your Aunt Gladys did every time she came to see you. He didn’t mind.

Here are the results, with some closeups of brush strokes and colors. If you have any questions, please ask!


commission boys oil painting portrait

Doesn’t look like I did much, does it?

I worked on his eye……

and his ear…..

(I love painting ears! My friend Roz said this one looks like you could stick your finger in it. I don’t advise that.)

and his mouth…..

(Thank god for a closed-lip smile!)

And his nose…..

I’ll give you a tip – while I usually use a mix of lemon yellow, alizarin crimson and white as my basic flesh tone mix, for ears, noses, and fingertips I use cadmium red medium and white. Sometimes I’ll add little yellow ochre or lemon yellow to tone down the pink, but not always.

Cadmium red best represents the reddish hue of blood pooling in those areas. Weird, but true.

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  1. Kathy Paul

    Other than I want to ruffle that little kid’s hair a whole lot, all I have to say is, Gini, you are so frickin’ talented!


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