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SURF and SAND series prints – now available

SURF and SAND series prints – now available

Time to Go

“Surf and Sand,” my series of paintings celebrating people and their relationships to water, sky, and sun, has been one of my most popular series. I supposed it’s because the moments captured in these paintings could have been lifted from the memory banks of any one of us. Girls drying themselves on a pool deck in “Swimming Pool;” a young girl looking furtively back at the sea when her mother tells her it’s “Time to Go;” a man leaving the beach with two seashells clutched in his hands in “Leaving,” – these images have inspired so many viewers to tell me, “I was there!”

Now, I paint LARGE – and I love painting large. I love the freedom it gives me to lay thick, luscious paint down with a huge brush, I love the “in-your-face” feeling of looking at a large painting, and I love the opportunity to experiment with my passion (representational figurative painting) and combine it with my training, (abstract impressionism – remember the blog about Eric Fischl?) in big expanses of flat color combined with detailed renderings of flesh and clothing.

But painting large  means that fewer people will buy my work, because not everyone has a place in their home for a 60″ X 42″ painting — and that’s ok. I don’t paint “to sell.” I paint because I love what I’m painting, and how I’m painting it.

I’ve thought about working  smaller for along time. I’m told it would make my work more “commercial” (translate – more people would buy it). I must have three dozen smaller canvases stored in my studio for the day when I am inspired to “paint small.”

But I won’t do a small painting because it will sell – I will wait until I’m inspired by something to do a small painting. A perfect example is the portrait of Ivy – the kitty. Her mom wanted a “little jewell of a painting – just her head.”


How ridiculous would Ivy have looked with a 5′ head?




Am I right?

Now most of you know that in my former life I was a marketer — for over 30 years. So you won’t be surprised that the left-brain side of me has been observing viewers’ reactions to my paintings for a long, long time. And what I’ve noticed is that before people even ask me the price, so many say, “Oh if only I had a place in my house for that painting.”

Oh well yes and then there are those that say, “If only I could afford a Gini Lawson painting.”

The marketer in me has filed these observations away in my memory file drawers under “customer demand.” These observations been gnawing away at me for years — but only in the past few months have I found a way to meet those demands that would also allow me to keep my artist integrity intact.

I met a guy.

Yeah – I did, and his name is Darryl Schmidt. His company is Art Capture, he is located here in Seattle and he specializes in digitally photographing artists’ work in HUGE files – upwards of 200M. That’s a lot of bytes! And a lot of digits!

And then, if that weren’t enough, he has an incredibly accurate digital giclee’ printer that produces the most extraordinary prints. (Just wait, you’ll see.)

Darryl and I met at the recommendation of Rob Morgan, a friend and incredible artist, who had used Darryl’s services to photograph and print his work. Richard and I actually bought one of his prints at one of Rob’s shows, and I was so impressed with the quality that I had to know what secret Rob was keeping from me.

He gave me Darryl’s name.

Last week I picked up the first “test” prints. Let me tell you – there was no testing necessary. These prints are gorgeous – luscious – with color matching unlike I’ve ever seen anywhere. (Remember I am a former marketer, and have seen lots of graphics in my day, so I know whereof I speak.)

So. There you have it.

I was so excited when I brought the prints home that I actually put them in a safe place (ask my friend Melinda how I usually manhandle my work). And there they sit – the first four of the limited editions – of just two paintings now. But the rest are there, in his fabulous camera, just waiting. For you?

The prints are almost (ALMOST) better than the originals. Beautiful color, captured in its entirety by Darryl’s 4X5 camera outfitted with a Betterlight digital scan back and the finest Schneider lenses. (Lest you think I know what I’m talking about I took that straight from Darryl’s website, which you can find here: He works back and forth from the original to ensure the color is spot on, and then he prints the images on archival quality cotton rag (Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308). To the uninitiated that’s about 200# cotton rag paper.

The result is something of which I am quite proud. Have I mentioned I think they are luscious?

Each print’s cut size is 23″ X 31, with a 17 X 25 image area, and each print is signed by me, with the date, number and edition quantity. Each run will be limited to 25 prints. After 25 – no more.

I will be getting the word out on the prints through email and various Social Media (ain’t I fancy?) including Facebook. And if you haven’t “liked” my FB page, please do so at

And please visit the “Limited Edition Prints” page on my website:

Mahalo nui loa. (Thank you very much.)