Day Three: Portrait of a kitty

Day Three: Portrait of a kitty




Ahhh, little Ivy – here looking a bit more like herself, except that I’ve cut into her fur with the background. Never fear, she will be fluffy again soon.

Notice that her nose is now positioned correctly, her soft white fur is starting to appear above the shadows, and her little mouth has shown itself.

I’m not sure if the background will stay this dark, but I needed to get something down before doing much more detail. One of the things you should always watch out for are “edges” – where different colors or values or forms butt up against one another. Trying to paint the background in around her would have resulted in hard edges (and would have been a nightmare in patience and hand steadying). By painting the background in before I so the final layers I can use soft brush strokes to make her stand out.

Short post today folks. But this little kitty should be put to bed soon.

Til next time…

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