Day two: Portrait of a kitty

Day two: portrait of a kitty



Here’s little Ivy again, her handlebar mustache painted away. She’s looking fluffy, no?

In this photo you can really see how far afield that little nose has travelled. Funny – I didn’t notice it until I took this picture. That often happens, so if you have an instant camera nearby while you paint you can use a photo to show you things you don’t see on the painting itself. Perhaps it’s the distance a photo gives me that enables me to be more objective. It’s easy to just get so lost in the process (a good thing – I call it “flow” or “zoning out”) that the painting begins to paint itself. A photo helps me wrestle control back again.

Gotta tell ya, this is more fun than a barrel of monkeys at a banana farm!

Perhaps painting animals always brings this kind of smile to a painter’s face. Margaret Parkinson, a dear friend and former student, has devoted her life not only to animal’s rights, but also to immortalizing animal images in the most luscious and sometimes astonishing colors. And she is one of the smiling-est people I know!

Here is her beautiful 12″ X 12″ painting entitled “CHLOE.”




Aren’t her colors beautiful? But more than that she has captured Chloe’s expressive eyes and little spotted nose so well you just love her immediately. Check out Margaret’s other beautiful animal paintings on her Facebook page or her website:

Another former student, Rachel Su, showed her prowess with painting animals with her portrait of the internet phenom feline, Maru. I love the colors and the way she handled the fur with powerful brushwork. Her handling of the fur above his nose blows me away. He just seems to emerge from the page, don’t you think?




I’d love to know what people think of pet portraits in general – I’ve now done several, all have been challenging and fun, and quite a bit different from the experience of painting humans. I love how conveying the animal’s personality requires careful handling of the eyes.



6 thoughts on “Day two: Portrait of a kitty

  1. Kathy Paul

    Three gorgeous cats in three styles! Thanks for posting all of these. (And Rachel can now relax about the fact that Maru is less-than-finished — I hope someone has rung the big bell for her!)

  2. Rachel

    No more mustache! Love the progress Gini! Thanks for including my painting here — I feel unworthy! And I love Margaret’s painting! Gorgeous! The bold colors are very appealing to me and more in line with what I’d want to do in the future. Maru was my practice run. And Kathy — this photo of the painting is already outdated — Maru has gone through about 3 more transitions since…LouAnn rang the bell for me probably about 6 transitions ago.

      1. Rachel

        Please do, lol! And if you have advice on color…I’ll take it. He’s neon now (because I couldn’t wait for the color to dry…I could probably write a whole blog post on that…)


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