I often tell my students – every painting has at least one “fail” day. That’s the day you swear to yourself that you’ve completely forgotten how to paint, or that your painting sucks, or you suck (either as a painter or, if the painting is REALLY failing, as a person), and that you and/or your art will never amount to anything.

Today was one of those days for moi.

I used to blame it on not being in the studio enough, but I’ve been in the studio every day this week except yesterday. So it’s just me. Part of my process.

I’m lucky. I have a guy living with me who can remind me, when I’m bitching about my painting day, that it’s all part of the process, that I go through this on every single painting I make, and that I should just be thankful that it’s already over and done with so I can move on.

If you’re alone with your painting hell, it’s not that easy.

So I am here to personally remind you that you and/or your painting WILL fail one day. You’ll forget how to paint, or how to glaze, or how to draw.

Let yourself fail. In fact, CELEBRATE your failure. Its over now, and you can move on.

Perhaps you’ll have another fail day, and that’s ok too – it will then be over as well.

If you need any more encouragement to celebrate your failures, remember what our mothers used to say – “every time you fail you learn something.”

So learn from yours, even if what you learn is just the fact that you WILL fail.

Now, please excuse me – I am going to go and drink a toast to my failed day with Richard.


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