If you’re reading this post

If you’re reading this post

Then you are at my new website.

Yep – see this nice and clean layout, the dark type on a pure white background?

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 10.19.36 AM

I did that. Yes, yes I did. Just this past week. Took that old dark and complicated layout and switched it, ALMOST just by the press of a button, to this sleaker, cleaner, and I-hope-easier-to-navigate layout.

Thank goodness for WordPress tutorials.

So as you can see, I’ve been busy. Busy moving my studio to its new (temporary) home, busy working on marketing (with the help of the fabulous Alyson Standfield, of ArtBizCoach.com – if you need help with your art biz you should check her out) and busy with a new commission.

I’d love to show you the progress on the commission, but since this painting will be a gift for someone I can’t show it you until its been given – sometime in August. After which I will take you through it step-by-step, and I promise, its a fun one!

What I CAN show you is a little oil sketch I did the other day for a new painting in the Surf and Sand series.

IMG_4494 IMG_4496


This little baby is just 10″ X 10″ – a bit larger than little Ivy but quite a bit smaller than my normal 5′ paintings. It was such fun that I think this will become a regular part of my studio practice. It was fun to just paint, freely and quickly, and watch it come to life in a  matter of an hour.

I wonder if I could sell these little darlings?

Anyway – back to the website. Please take a look around – there are new things to see. I’ve added a response form (thank you Alyson!) to almost every section, so you can quickly ask me a question, find out the price of a painting, or order one of my prints, directly from the page you are on, an “In the moment” kind of thing.

The navigation bar (at the top) is easier to work with and you can find blog archives and posts much more easily than before.

And thanks to a suggestion from my friend Rachel (painter of “Maru” featured in a previous blog post (http://www.ginilawson.com/2013/04/) the type is dark against a light background for greater ease in reading.

So let me know what you think of the new site. Or, better yet, order a print or buy a painting – I will love you even more than I do already.


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  1. Rachel

    LOVE IT. It is SO much easier to read and showcases the colors of your paintings so much better. Excellent move. :)


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