Inching toward the finish…

Inching toward the finish…

Today was an extremely productive day in the studio – and the boys are getting there. Feels good to be able to actually look it over and see what little fixes need to be done.

I am trying to keep everything loose and suggestive other than their faces, so that they will be the focus.

I’ve attached 8 images, closeups of brushwork (have I ever told you about the time I saw Manet’s paintings for the first time, noticed a brushstroke on the hem of a woman’s dress and started to cry?) and various shots trying to avoid glare. Sorry for the crappy photos. See what you think…

Ahmad's Boys almost there1 IMG_3814 IMG_3821 IMG_3822 IMG_3823 IMG_3825 IMG_3827 Ahmad's Boys Almost There 8


6 thoughts on “Inching toward the finish…

  1. David-o

    Nice Gini!
    And I know–it ain’t easy to render hands, fingers, nails…plus lips, teeth, etc etc etc.!
    I bet they are going to love this painting of their kids…!

    1. Gini

      Maureen – thanks for commenting – and thank you thank you for your kind words. See the next post for the painting story.

  2. Kathy Paul

    Last time I was in the studio, these guys were nothing more than roughed in sketches… Your notes were even scrawled on a blank spot in the canvas. I’ve watched from afar (from a-blog?) as this painting has developed and it is nothing short of a marvel. What beautiful boys and what a lovely, lovely painting!

  3. Sharon

    Gini! I’ve been watching your progress, and as usual I am amazed by the amount of talent you have. I have (not very bravely) begun work again after a 4 year hiatus, and am finding it very difficult – of course I’m paying for that. Please keep on blogging – I love it!


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