It is VERY slow going…

It is VERY slow going…

This has NOT been a good year for my painting practice. I’ve been sidelined by my cancer diagnosis, which then created a host of other projects related to wanting to make sure we are not putting things off til tomorrow that we want to do today. Like the Maui condo – MAJOR project, with remodeling and drape-making and furniture-sourcing. Not to mention building a new website with WordPress. All things I love to do and am more than willing to allow to distract me from my real true love: painting.

So this portrait has been on the easel for far, far too long. And other commissions and paintings have been sitting, untouched.

But enough about me, let’s talk about…. the painting.

These two boys are beautiful, and a delight to paint, but have I ever mentioned how much I despise painting teeth? Yeah, well, I do. Especially baby teeth, because they have all these weird spaces and color and shapes. They are usually spaced too far apart to do the old “one-swipe” method and suggesting a smile — plus, they are so much a part of that little face. But I persevere. And paint them. And paint them again. and again. and again. That layering thing you always hear oil painters talk about? Perhaps it is a result of Leonardo first painting in Mona Lisa’s smile with teeth, over and over again, until he told her to shut her pretty mouth, and was done with it.

One thought on “It is VERY slow going…

  1. Kathy Paul

    Another way to look at it: This has been a very good year for showing the rest of us the way to rise to the occasion. A very good year for “carpe diem.” A very good year for sunshine and love and beaches and walking. A very good year for your students who adore you. A very good year for courage. Oil paintings… well… they’re pretty dang forgiving, Gini! Love you!


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