Let’s go “Swimming!”

Let’s go “Swimming!”

I haven’t shown a new painting in my “Surf and Sand” series in quite some time, and I am so excited to finally publish this one. It’s actually a companion piece to “Town Pool,” and, in fact, it’s from the very same series of photos, taken at my sis-in-law’s, well, uhm, town pool. Funny that.

I’m not sure which I am more pleased with. Let me know what you think.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, “Swimming.”

Swimming smaller

3 thoughts on “Let’s go “Swimming!”

    1. Luann Yourkwitz

      Geez every time I see one of your paintings I am in awe!!! You are so talented it is just hard for me to believe someone can do this!! They almost look like photos, you are amazing. Wish so much I had even a little bit of artistic talent.


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