Move to???

Move to???


A friend of mine came by the yard sale today, just to say hi and to bounce an idea off me. She’s a fellow artist, also a figurative painter, and she and her husband are thinking of moving.

She told me that she read somewhere that the best reason for moving is for work. So she wants to move where there’s a community of artists and a potential audience for her work.

New York? Providence (she went to RISD and has friends there)? L.A.? Maui?

If you were moving for your work, where would you land? I’d be delighted to read your answers in the comment section of this post.


3 thoughts on “Move to???

  1. Kathy Paul

    Well… is the hypothetical ME, young? old? healthy? do I have kids? how’s my income? Can it be anywhere? Am I really good at building new communities from scratch? Is weather an object? Do I have enough money to travel and see family who can’t come with me? Not an easy question to answer…. For her it seems like a community of artists and a potential audience for her work is crucial, so if she can afford it, I’d say Santa Fe. :)

    1. Gini Lawson Post author

      Kathy – she herself said, “I don’t paint happy paintings. I can’t move anywhere where the artists paint happy paintings.” She also doesn’t paint howling coyotes so we decided it was out. :-)

  2. Janet Bassett

    I have a son in Santa Fe whose girlfriend’s dad is an artist. He doesn’t paint happy paintings, but they are abstract so they aren’t obviously UNhappy, either. I’ve only been there a couple of times, but if your friend paints dark/gloomy/edgy stuff, I think the audience right in Santa Fe might be limited but having a Santa Fe address might help with connections elsewhere. And who knows…maybe Santa Fe is ready for a change! For myself, not an artist, but a librarian and person who works with words, I think any big city in the country would be a better place for my work than where I am now, and a smaller, more densely populated state would be better than this one. For inspiration, though? Somewhere with a less gloomy climate.


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