Painting Workshop reboot – in paradise, no less!

Painting Workshop reboot – in paradise, no less!


If you any of you reading this blog don’t know by now, moving to paradise is hard! I mean, moving anywhere is hard work, but I never realized that moving fewer items would result in even more work than moving the entire contents of your house.

The sorting, the dumping, the Goodwill-ing, it all adds up to days and days of backbreaking (at my age) tasks to be done and mind-numbing decisions to be made.

But then, as friends keep reminding me, we will be living in Hawaii, in 1100 square feet of easy-clean, no-gardening, no-maintenance paradise. I know, I’ve no right to complain. Y’all can quit giving me the raspberry now, thank-you-very-much.

One of the very best things about moving to Hawaii is that everyone wants to come visit. Think that  would happen if we moved somewhere in the middle of nowhere, somewhere we were thinking of like Bisbee, Arizona? Yeah, not so much.

So I am going to capitalize on the fact that more people would prefer to visit the most remote place on earth than a town in the middle of the desert. (Oh wait, our last workshop was in a town in the middle of the desert, and people did come. But I bet they wouldn’t come again, seeing as how the oils quickly melted on their canvases, and the wind made it almost impossible to paint.)

Announcing Gini and Richard’s Painting workshop reboot 2014

I have been investigating possible locales for a workshop in May 2014. The most likely island (certainly the most affordable) is the Big Island, to which I’ve never been. In terms of beautiful things to paint, I believe we’ll find them there in spades. Now I just have to find the right place – not an easy task in a land where there are no 16th century chateaus or quaint ranchos for us to explore. The LAST thing I want is some modern resort, although the people watching would be fun. I also don’t think everyone would want to hang out in hippiedom with giant cockroaches and mosquitos, so I have to be careful. One thing I know is a benefit – unlike any of the other workshop locations, I will be able to check these out in advance!

So stay tuned for updates, and in the meantime, dare to dream…….

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Active volcano on the big island of Hawaii. Photo credit to the Hawaii visitor bureau



3 thoughts on “Painting Workshop reboot – in paradise, no less!

  1. Jennifer


    This is so exciting! I love it, I’m going to be on the Big Island in Nov. We are staying in a house right on the water. Maybe you can hop over for a couple days and scout locations. What a great idea for your painting classes. I wish I could paint!

  2. Judy Kennedy

    Hi Gini,

    Congrats on making it over to Paradise!

    I have given many workshops on the Big Island. Many of them at The Kealakekua Bed and Breakfast.
    We swam with wild dolphins in Kealakekua Bay. It was lovely. They have incredible breakfasts. The place is a little older now so don’t know if it would work for you. Check it out

    You should get in touch with Michael Sisk of Black Bamboo. He knows the island really well and has destination houses for retreats, vacations, etc.

    Do you let watercolor artists come? If so, I am interested in your workshop so let me know what you decide.

    Take care, Judy


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