White Hair on the Beach

Please welcome new subscribers, and while you’re at it…

Please welcome new subscribers, and while you’re at it…

You can welcome me back to the land of the living.

It’s been one hell of an entry into my new life on Maui, but I think I’ve finally made it all the way through the gauntlet. If anyone or anything else is waiting out there to whack me in the head, please. just. go. away.

’nuff said. I will not belabor this. Radiation is behind me, possibly THE worst cancer experience of my life but my body, mind, and spirit are ready for new challenges and most of all, new FUN!

Which brings me to…

The Maui Open Studios event (my first “show” on Maui) at which I met so many lovely art enthusiasts and artists – it truly was a wonderful way to meet Maui’s art-loving folk. And so I say “welcome” to the new subscribers to this blog who came my way via that event. Thank you again for attending and signing my guest book and agreeing to let me bore…er…inspire you with my very occasional blogging about my art practice.

In the next few days I’ll bring you up to speed on where I am with my latest painting, but for now I want to share some absolutely nerve-wracking news.

Yesterday I sent two of my precious babies off into the real, grownup world.

Delivered them into the hands of virtual strangers, people who have absolutely no history with them.

I am, as you might imagine, frightened for them. Will they be treated kindly, or will they experience the humiliation of rejection? Will they garner praise for their positive attributes, or face ridicule for their defects? Will they be understood and loved, or will they face misunderstanding, guile, and neglect?

Of course I am holding my breath, waiting for news of their fate, these, my two precious babes:

Time to Go, 60″ X 42″, oil on canvas

White Hair on the Beach

White Hair on the Beach, 60″ X 42″, oil on canvas

 Yes, yesterday Richard helped me deliver these two paintings to Art Maui 2014, one of, if not the largest all-isand all-media art events on Maui. Today and tomorrow this man


is deciding the fate of my beloveds, as well as the work of over 350 of my fellow Maui artists. To say I am wringing my hands is an understatement. I have to constantly untangle them just to type this post.

Seriously, I am beyond nervous, but pretty damned excited as well. That juror up there is none other than Stephan Jost, the director of the Honolulu Museum of Art, and trust me, it’s not everyday that my paintings get to be seen by a museum director.

The folks over at Art Maui 2014 are pretty excited about this year’s juror as well, and you can read all about him on their website (which is where I stole borrowed his photo from).

I will know tomorrow night, after 8pm, if either (or both – heck – let’s aim high!) of my paintings are selected for the show. If so you can be assured that you’ll be getting an announcement of some type. I may even show up on your doorstep shouting to the heavens! Hey, I’ve done stranger things, believe me.

And what if my works are NOT selected, you ask? (How dare you bring doubt to my blog post! BE GONE oh negative thinker!

Oh wait, I wrote that question.)

If for some unfathomable reason my works are not selected for this year’s exhibit, I will crawl back to the Schaefer International Gallery at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, retrieve my two HUGE paintings, trying to remain unseen as I wrap them up in protective paper, and then tuck my proverbial tail between my legs and slump off into the mist.


I’ll be fine.

No, really, I will. Comic relief aside, one show does not a career make, and I’ve been around long enough and in enough juried competitions to know that art is an extremely subjective thing, and what one juror deems perfect another might cast aside. So if I don’t make it this year, there is next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.

So stay tuned! I will definitely keep ya posted!

GO #artmaui2014 !




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