Portrait of a kitty…..

Portrait of a kitty

Ivy day one


This is Ivy.

Well, it’s actually a painting of Ivy- the beginning of a painting of Ivy.

Ivy belongs to my sorority sister, Lani, and her husband Joel. Ivy is rather an old dame, (sorry Ivy) and the photo I am working from is not exactly flattering as it was taken of her in less-than-her-prime, so I will attempt to give her a little fluffing, as it were.

The painting is small – only 6″ X 6″ which is quite small for me, and her face is just about life-size. It’s a challenge, but one that I welcome. My students would laugh if they saw how small the brushes I am using are (I am also challenging them to use bigger brushes and ignore the detail).

This was the end of day one. She looks like she has a huge mustache. What was eery was that when I stood back and looked at what I had painted, she looked to me like a person in cat makeup. Weird.

Her eyes are too large and her nose is too far down from her eyes – and is off to the side, so those are fixes I’ll do later. I just wanted to get a rough sketch of her down and start to put down the first layer of shadows.

Fun fun! I hardly noticed where the day went. Lesson – give yourself fresh challenges when things get a bit sluggish in the studio.

Thanks, Lani, for allowing me to immortalize your baby – I am honored.

One thought on “Portrait of a kitty…..

  1. Lani

    Oh Gini! You have absolutely captured the look in her eyes!!! I am SO excited to witness the process…what a treat! Thank you, thank you xxoo


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