Sarah’s granny (not Aunt Madge after all)

Sarah’s granny (not Aunt Madge after all)


Here is my friend Bryan’s new daughter-in-law (really –  they are probably saying their vows as I type) with the painting of her grandmother. I think she likes it!

What’s doubly awesome about this photo is that Sarah has inherited her granny’s beautiful grin.

Seeing this photo made me oh so happy! The look on Sarah’s face is the real reason I do commissions – it’s not about the money, really, it’s about making people smile, giving them a visual memory, reminding them of a loved one’s beauty.

Thanks, Bryan, for inviting me into your family and giving me the honor of capturing important moments in their lives. I just wish you’d had more kids!

One thought on “Sarah’s granny (not Aunt Madge after all)

  1. Kathy Paul

    Wow. I think this is the best kind of present – something that means something and will last. China breaks, sheets wear out. Family is forever. Gini, you’re awesome.


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