The results are in…

The results are in…

Thank you to everyone who has been rooting for my paintings to be chosen for Art Maui 2014. It means so much to me to know that there are folks out there who love and are championing my work. Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) to you all.

“White Hair on the Beach” was chosen to be included in the show!

White Hair on the Beach

White Hair on the Beach 60″ X 42″ oil on canvas

It seems very fitting that Stephan Jost, the juror and Director of the Honolulu Museum of Art, chose “White Hair on the Beach” for inclusion in the show. “White Hair” is a painting based on a photo I took on Oahu during a trip there with Richard’s parents a few years ago. We stayed in a lovely 15th floor condo on a perfect little crescent beach near Makaha and I took hundreds of pictures while standing on the lanai, looking out over the glorious Pacific Ocean, never dreaming that one day I would be living in this beautiful state.

WOW. How serendipitous was that trip?

The Artists’ Reception for Art Maui is this coming Sunday night, March 23, and Richard and our dear friend Patty (whom we consider part of our Ohana (family) here on Maui) will accompany me. I am eager to see the rest of the artwork chosen, and meet some of the other Maui artists who entered the competition.

Again – MAHALO to all of you who were cheering me on.

It seems that this week (and last week , actually) are meant to be devoted to non-studio work, so no update on painting progress today. However, I did make an exciting discovery — at least for me — about past painting progress posts (HA! I think I’ll leave that lovely little bit of alliteration intact!).

You see, when I switched (kicking and screaming) from Apple’s now-defunct-but-so-easy-to-use web page software iWeb to WordPress a couple of years ago, I lost the ability to connect to my past iWeb files. In fact, I thought I had actually lost the files themselves, which was crazy heartbreaking considering they represent hours and hours of blogging, not to mention months of painting progress.

In the meantime, my laptop had been having some severe issues, which caused it to go to the Mac docs (fittingly this also happened to be during my period of spending way more time than I’d like to with docs of my own) and when I got it back I decided to do some sorting, organizing, and deleting of files.

And while sorting, organizing and deleting, I found ALL of my old blog post files — intact, with photos included — on my hard drive.


So, someday (as soon as I figure out how to do it) I will be able to backload this blog with the posts that came before. That may not be exciting for you, but for this lady it was almost — ALMOST — as exciting as having my painting chosen for Art Maui.

Til next time…….

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  1. Randi

    Sooo happy for you, Gini! “White Hair” is warm, upbeat, and nearly abstract in it’s high-contrast, bird’s eye perspective.
    Also, congrats on finding your “lost” blog posts. Looking forward to reading those when you repost em!


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