When in Hawaii…

When in Hawaii…

The countdown is ON! Eight days from now we will have arrived at our home in Hawaii, but this time we have one-way tickets. Eight days. One week and a day.

Are we excited? You bet! It just seems surreal that we actually made it happen.

Nervous? Oh yeah, we’re nervous. What if we’re making a horrible mistake and we have to undo all the work we’ve done to get there?

Sad? A little. A LOT actually when it comes to leaving our families and friends. Friends mostly, since family isn’t living here right now. My boys are in Oregon til November, then who knows where they’ll be? Richard’s son is in Los Angeles, and our stepdaughter and grandbabies are in Missoula.

Ready? Oh yeah, we are more than ready. We’ve been ready for a long time. Living the dream, baby, living the dream.

I am so eager to see how living in Hawaii will influence my painting. I’m sure it will, somehow, I just hope that living in the land of sunshine won’t cause me to crave the grey winter of Seattle enough that I start painting it. (Doubtful – I’m a sunshine girl through and through.)

It’s interesting to look at the art made in Hawaii and wonder what it would be if not done in the islands. What would Gauguin’s work be if he hadn’t settled in Tahiti?

Here is one Hawaiian artist who’s work I always think of when considering great island artists: Pegge Hopper. Her work was actually introduced to me by a former student, and I’ve loved it ever since. Big, bold, figurative yet not overly done, I think Ms. Hopper’s work perfectly reflects island life.

You can see more of her work at her website: http://peggehopper.com


From the website of Pegge Hopper www. peggehopper.com

“Ho’olewa – to float”

From the Pegge Hopper website: http://www.peggehopper.com

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