Where there’s a will…

Where there’s a will…


I did something today that I should have done many, many years ago. I signed my last will and testament.

No, I’m not being maudlin. I have known I needed a will ever since Sean (my eldest) was born in 1986. But it took me almost 27 years to actually plan and execute this important document.

My husband Richard and I, ever the procrastinators, not only began this process last summer, we PAID for it. Not until last week did we answer the questions our estate attorney asked us to answer last August.

But the good news is, it is done. Except for one tiny itty bitty thing.

How to dispose of our material possessions. Those things that have enough sentimental or monetary value that they were not included in the yard sale.

Most of what we have is garbage, but there are a few things – my mother’s wedding ring, Richard’s grandfather’s bench, my father’s Bronze Star, his grandfather’s ring – that we want to make sure go to our kids.

And then there is the question of my paintings.

WOW. That’s a weird one. Who would want them? Who would want to deal with the hassle of crating them to send them to designated recipients? It’s almost a burden when I think about it.

Have you ever thought about it?

Work by artists who have garnered recognition usually designate an art expert to deal with the distribution of any assets (art) that doesn’t have a specific recipient.

That would not be me.

I guess I have to think about it. Quickly.


2 thoughts on “Where there’s a will…

  1. Kathy Paul

    I did this last year (the will part, not the who wants my stuff part – they’ve already told me they want none of it). Here’s a thought about your who gets the art question: your survivors will hold a big rockin’ party in your honor (to be held sometime many decades from now), where the paintings are auctioned off and the proceeds used to start an art scholarship in your name…. or an art retreat center… or fund something wild and wonderful you would love to do now, but haven’t gotten around to doing. And congrats on what you have accomplished today. Nobody likes doing it. Nobody. Nohow.

    1. Janet Bassett

      Kathy’s idea is great and I am ashamed that I didn’t think of it myself. Instead, my first thought was, “I’d take a half-dozen of them in a New York minute.” Some people would go ahead and auction them off while still alive, to enjoy the pleasure of distributing the proceeds. Only you know if you want to go that far!


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